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Help me find a fic, please...

Have been AWOL sooooooooooo long---mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.....

but I remember the last fic I read, before I was kidnapped by RL and swept away to a world of far TOO much 'reality', and I would desperately LOVE to find it again.

It had something to do with a search for a crystal----and this crystal was 'believed' to impart incredible power to one who wielded it.  What it REALLY did, however, was "re-set" the entire WORLD---it could either END all life as we know it, or "re-set" the world to some past point in its history, to give humanity a chance to 'try again', so to speak.  If the crystal was NOT found by the ONE SPECIAL PERSON destined to find it, and 're-set' it, then it would explode, taking the world and all living creatures with it.

Hermione only gradually comes to learn, through much research, what this crystal is and how she, specifically, is involved with it.  She travels to many lands, among them (if I remember correctly) Egypt and Syria, to learn more of the crystal.  Like a James Bond novel / movie, the main characters who have any knowledge of the crystal are being murdered, one by one, and at one point, as Hermione is in some city in Europe (I forget where---Greece?) there is a magical bombing from which she only narrowly escapes---and in which Severus Snape aids her escape and becomes enmeshed in the mystery.  From what Hermione learns about the crystal, she believes she herself MUST die in order to attain the "re-set" of world time demanded by the crystal.  Severus--having fallen in love with her---vigorously denies to himself and her that this will be the case.

Eventually, Hermione, Severus, and a group of others helping her (I seem to remember Remus, Mr. Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Harry, Tonks, and maybe others) end up in South America, where they are tracking down the crystal in the mountains.  As Hermione gets closer to it, it "calls" to her, thus guiding her to its location.  However, she is being stalked by enemies who desire the crystal's power to re-make the world with themselves as its master.  At the end, nearly all her friends are dead, and Hermione and Severus alone barely manage to reach the crystal---but at that point the crystal's power is beginning to affect even Severus (like the way the Ring of Power did to others in LoTR).  Hermione is deathly injured, and falls into a bottomless ravine;  the world's fate is left up to Severus, who now possesses the crystal----will he do what he 'should' do, to re-set the world, or will he turn back time to when he made the fatal mistakes that cost him Lily, so as to have her again, but thus endangering the fight against the Dark Lord and perhaps imperiling the entire future fate of the world?


Can ANYONE tell me the name, author, and link to this story?

THANK YOU so much if you can!!! 

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