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A Question from 'across the pond'...

On another forum where I post frequently, a resident of the UK commented on our current health-care rollout fiasco and asked a question:

There are SO many glitches and consequences to O Care that even I from across the pond with scant information and of course members of the forum, foresaw when the Act was first passed and subsequently.
Considering that this Act has been on the cards for at least 20 years, Clinton talked about it, and there must have been a huge number of people involved in it's drafting with intimate knowledge of the healthcare system in the US, I can't understand why it is such a shambles.

Here is my answer:

Because, Richard, it was never MEANT to provide "affordable healthcare to all."

Our previous system COULD have done that, with some very MINOR tweaking, rather than a major overhaul.

So what WAS the purpose?

Takeover of a whopping 17% of the U.S. economy DIRECTLY by the U.S. GOVERNMENT...

The gradual forcing of independent insurance companies OUT OF BUSINESS, due to contradictory and unsustainable rules, and then blaming the INSURANCE companies FOR the rules they were OBLIGED to follow by law, so that the public would turn on them and WELCOME a GOVERNMENT takeover / shutdown of these companies...

(next on the agenda) The shutdown and cut-off of ALL ALTERNATE means of obtaining health care (private arrangement with doctors via concierge service; ordering of prescription drugs from abroad to self-medicate; seeking medical care abroad)...

(also next on the agenda) The complete removal of ALL restraints on illegal immigration (they are only there in name only now, but this will make that 'official") and GUARANTEE of health insurance coverage to ALL immigrants, whether they ever become CITIZENS of the U.S. or not (and for what reason? see final paragraph below)...

The institution of a single-payor system--meaning, the GOVERNMENT is the ONLY, SINGLE source of payment for all medical care--so that the GOVERNMENT then CONTROLS, entirely, WHO HAS ACCESS to healthcare, and WHAT HEALTHCARE THEY GET, leading to:

The complete power of LIFE and DEATH over its citizens, and consequently--

TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL over the people, and guaranteed assurance that the ONLY party that will ever be elected in the future is the Democratic Party (since they will claim that, if elected, the first thing Republicans would do would be "To strip away your health insurance by repealing Obamacare!")
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