countrymouse1 (countrymouse1) wrote,

I'm Tired

(I wish I could claim authorship to this, but it's from another blog.  But it says everything I want to say, and so well.

God help us.)

I'm Tired

I'm sorry. I'm tired.

I'm tired of trying so hard to take care of my family. It shouldn't be so hard.

I'm sorry I'm paying taxes that go toward people that believe they are entitled to my money and they do not have the same values such as trying to take care of their family.

I'm tired of talking about Obama. He is the worst enemy of the United States there has ever been.

I'm tired of fighting with extremist liberals who think they know better what is good for the people of America when every single friggin' platform they support is one more nail in the coffin for America.

I'm tired of being ding'ed for standing up for traditional American values, for believing in what our founding fathers believed in, for thinking that the founding fathers created the best framework for any country in the world, only to have superficial shallow people throw them under the bus because they have no values.

I'm tired of every minority/fringe group using lawyers or Cloward/Piven techniques to take America down because it does not cater to their agenda.

I'm tired of being persecuted because I believe in Christianity. The separation of Church and State has been greatly amplified as the intent was to not have a state supported religion, not to take religion out of every aspect of public life.

I'm tired of the media who has eschewed journalism in favor of partisan agendas.

I'm tired of the extreme vitriol that the left has spewed on anyone that doesn't agree with them.

I'm tired of the racist label that the left, the minorities, the blacks use whenever they don't get their way.

I'm tired of political correctness when it goes against common sense.

I'm tired of a Government that does NOT represent me.

I'm tired of a Government that calls people like me (belief in bible, belief in constitution, belief in America) a terrorist. How could it have come to this?

I'm tired of having the country I love to have become so bastardized that it castigates people that believe in the way it was founded.

I'm tired of the political rhetoric.

I'm tired of the political vitriol.

I'm sick and tired of what is touted as a two party system. Left is pegged left, right is left of center.

I'm tired of people believing in family values being persecuted in those beliefs.

I'm tired of people that bash capitalism and corporations because they are not getting enough percentage of the pie. What are they doing to earn that percentage?

I'm tired of stupid people trying to remove portions of the constitution because they know better.

There are attempts to limit what can be said and not said. 1st Amendment.

There are people that want gun control, even though the areas that have the most gun control have the most crime.

There are people that think the fourth amendment of unreasonable search and seizure should be invalidated.

I am tired of people that are superficial and shallow and when they state their preference for a liberal politician, is based on one or two of their hot-buttons but ignores the needs of the country.

I am tired of people that only get their news from Huffington Post or MSNBC and think they know enough to pass judgment on current issues. Journalism has been thrown away.

I'm am tired of Republicans acting like they are representing me when in fact, they have moved left of center and they are no different than the democrats were a few decades ago. Too bad the democrats have pegged to the far left.

I'm tired of people ignoring the fact that the muslims have an agenda, that agenda is to destroy all that are not Islamic. The people that do not believe this are naïve idiots.

I'm tired of people ignoring the destructive acts the liberals have perpetuated on America. It will result in the destruction of this country but they still want to blame George Bush.

I guess I'm just pretty friggin tired.

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