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Bet you haven't heard a PEEP about this today, have ya?

Remember when SYRIAN President Assad CUT OFF all info out of his country, as he was bombing HIS OWN CITIZENS?

Today out of Washington, a HUGE group---many THOUSANDS--- of VETERANS, truckers, bikers, and plain-old AMERICANS are exercising their RIGHT to "peacefully assemble" and PROTEST what is being done to the PEOPLE'S monuments in a game of political blackmail by this administration.

They first OPENED the WW II memorial, then marched to the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial, then carried the "Barry-cades" from the memorials to the White House and DUMPED them there, all the while shouting "We the People!" and "SHAME ON YOU" to the occupant of the White House.

And what was the response?

Shutdown of live feeds, shut down of twitter feeds, shutdown of cell phones, shut down of internet feeds----sound familiar?

As in--Assad? Mubarak? Khaddaffi? China? the USSR???

What was the FURTHER response?

Police--mounted and on foot---donning RIOT gear (against a peaceful protest by the citizens, MANY of them OCTOGENARIAN veterans of WW II), brandishing batons, and carrying plastic "zip-cuffs"----against our OWN people who are there to PEACEABLY protest this government's actions.

I have a PIC of ELDERLY LADIES --- LADIES!!! --- being HIT by one of these 'police-officers' (I put that in quotes because MY DADDY was a POLICE OFFICER and he--and I--am ASHAMED of these 'so-called' LEO's who could do this)  with metal batons.  As far as I can tell, the little old ladies were doing NOTHING to deserve such treatment.  I do not know how to post it to LJ since they changed their format, so if anyone can tell me how I would be glad to do it.


You can SEE and follow coverage of the HUGE march HERE:
(a UK site---ironic, isn't it, how we AMERICANS now have to go to a FOREIGN site to see what's going on in our OWN country?)

Here's a GREAT You Tube video showing the situation--the ONLY MSM news coverage of it I've seen:
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Am sorry to hear about the situation in the US. :(

No one deserves to be hit, least of all the elderly. :(
What is REALLY sad is the LIES the media is telling the US citizenry and the world.

The House of Representatives (REPUBLICANS) have sent over 17 BILLS TO THE SENATE, that would RE-FUND ALL NECESSARY GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS so that NO ONE WOULD SUFFER---medicare, food stamps, social security, the military, park police, Washington DC police.

The SENATE, in their STRANGE definition of "compromise"----(which to them is "GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT, and THEN we'll talk and see what crumbs I might throw back at you.") are acting like spoiled children having a temper tantrum, and are LETTING THOSE FUNDING BILLS JUST SIT THERE-------REFUSING to STOP our citizens' "suffering"---but rather BLACKMAILING our country by USING our citizens' suffering.

They demand a "clean" bill---by which they mean---carte blanche----give us EVERYTHING we ASK with NO changes.

In America, we have DIVISION of POWER for a REASON----what the SENATE wants is a rubber-stamp Congress, just as THEY have become a "rubber-stamp" for the Presidency.

If we decide to no longer HAVE the balance of power, and the NORMAL PROCESS of how a law is passed, NAMELY of one house making a proposal, the other house making a COUNTER-proposal, both houses going into committee to hammer out a bill suitable to BOTH sides, and then passing THAT--

then we may as well SEND ALL OF CONGRESS HOME (and save the $$$ paying them their exorbitant salaries and pensions and perks)

and just have things back as they were in 1775----

only it will become "King Barack" instead of "King George".

I hope things get better soon...